1.- No food and/or beverages allowed.

2.- No pets allowed.

3.- The entry with backpacks, bags or bags larger than 28cm x 28cm x 12cm is strictly prohibited.

4.- It is forbidden to take pictures with flash.

5.- Once the person leaves the property, there will be no re-entry allowed for any reason.

If you have any questions please write to us here.


What does my ticket include?

Your ticket gives you access to the exhibition “Alone with night”, which includes the exhibition gallery and the exhibition shop with official merchandise exclusive to the presentation.

Are there refunds?

There are no exchanges or refunds.

Can I cancel my ticket?

No, once the purchase is made, there are no cancellations.

Can I change the date and / or time of my ticket?

No, once the purchase is made you will not be able to change name, date or time.

Are there student / teacher discounts?

No, all prices are the same.

Do children pay for admission?

Yes, children who are older than 3 years will pay for admission.

Can I bring backpack or bags?

No, the entrance to the gallery with backpacks or bags larger than 28cm x 28cm x 12cm is strictly prohibited.

How much time should I allot to visit the exposition?

Approximately 2 hours.

Can I take photographs?

It is forbidden to take pictures with flash.

Can I bring my professional camera?


Can I reentry the exhibition if I leave the Gallery?

No, once the person has left the Gallery, either to the parking area, they will not be allowed to re-enter for any reason.

What should I do if I cannot reach my check-in time?

It is the responsibility of each person to consider their arrival times, so if the person is late they will NOT have access to the exhibition and no changes, returns or cancellations will be accepted.

Is there wheelchair access?


Is there a cafeteria?


Is there a coat check?


Is there parking?


Why do they press my credit or debit card?

The Mexican Bank requires that all our sales have the physical presence of the card. This is not a transaction, so no additional charge is made at the time of this process.

Why do they cancel the tickets after the pick-up time marked on the ticket?

Due to the complicated logistics of events, each promoter defines their cut-off dates in order to offer the best quality to the attendees. With this in mind and because of our system, all tickets that are not collected past the specified time may be canceled.

Why is there a ticket fee?

Service charges are the source of revenue through which Sr. Pago makes it possible to offer their services of payment.

Why is my address, zip code and phone number required?

It is done to prevent credit card fraud.
If you have any more questions, you can get more information by consulting our Privacy Notice here.

Can I buy official merchandise at the exhibition?

Yes, there will be an official store.